2019 College Football False Narratives

There is no offseason when it comes to college football. There is always news, whether it’s the NCAA transfer portal, recruiting, coaching changes (both with the head coach and assistants), players in the news, whatever. The world of college football is always moving.

Today I am starting my series previewing the upcoming 2019 playing season with headlines I consider to be fake news. That is I don’t believe in anything below at all. 

Southern Cal should run the air raid offense. 

Since when does USC need to run the air raid offense? This is a school that used to be considered running back U, whether it’s O.J. Simpson, Reggie Bush, Marcus Allen, etc…

Now they feel the need to run an air raid offense? First, they hired Kliff Kingsbury before he bailed to become the head coach of the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. Now they hired another guy with an air raid background in former Texas Tech quarterback and North Texas offensive coordinator Graham Harrell.

Why do you need to run the air raid at Southern Cal? You don’t need to run a gimmicky offense when you have better players than 11 out of the 12 teams you face every year. I don’t doubt that the Trojans are going to throw the ball 70% of the time, but why? It’s a terrible idea. 

Kentucky is on the rise. 

The Wildcats are lead by… checks to see which Stoops brother is their coach. Mark Stoops, I guess. This is a basketball school, that hasn’t ever won at a high level in their history. Heck, before last year they hadn’t beaten Florida since 1984. 

The Cats won 10 games by virtue of the SEC East being mediocre at best. Outside of Georgia, you have just a bunch of teams. With that being said, Florida and Tennessee are on their way back to being superpowers, in my opinion, so with Georgia already being there, I don’t see any room for the pedestrian Cats. 

Will Muschamp is a good coach.

This may be the fakest news of all. Listen, I don’t think Coach Boom is a bad coach, he’s just an ordinary one, and he happens to be coaching an ordinary program. South Carolina will be winning 5-7 games for eternity as long as Muschamp is the coach. 

Muschamp is one of those fail forward head coaches, that seemingly gets opportunity after opportunity after never producing. Muschamp was fired at Florida after going 28-21 overall, including 17-15 in the SEC. That is awful at Florida. You should be contending for SEC and National Championships at the University of Florida, simply by getting out of bed in the morning. 
So far Muschamp is a modest 22-17 at South Carolina, including a .500 record in the SEC (12-12). Muschamp is one of the good ol’ boys and will continue to get opportunities as soon as he is inevitably fired at South Carolina. 

LSU is a championship caliber program under Ed Orgeron.

LSU will be an 8-10 win program under Coach O, nothing more, nothing less. Consider this, Les Miles was winning 10 games a year at LSU and that, in my opinion, will be the ceiling for Coach O. So why is Coach O so beloved by the LSU administration and Tiger faithful. Is it purely parochial? Is it because he’s from Louisiana? Because he sounds like LSU, talks like LSU? Does that crap really matter? 

Coach O is definitely likable and I absolutely am entertained by his press conferences, but at LSU isn’t the name of the game at least competing for, if not winning championships? You ain't doing that with Coach O, period. 

Oregon will win the Pac 12.

Mario Cristobal, like Ed Orgeron was promoted within the Oregon program. Cristobal and Orgeron both failed miserably in their previous stints as Head Coaches, going 24-47 at Florida International, and 10-25 at Ole Miss respectively. Like Coach O, Cristobal traded in his Dodge Dart for keys to a sexier car. Talk about failing forward, Cristobal failed miserably in his six seasons at FIU yet was handed the much more attractive Oregon gig after Willie Taggart left for Florida State. 

Cristobal will recruit well, as he landed the #7 recruiting class in the country, which is almost unheard of in Eugene. However, the on the field product, particularly x’s and o’s leaves a lot to be desired. I actually thought Oregon underachieved going 9-4 in the watered down Pac 12 last year. Oregon is also being out-coached significantly in the North Division of the Pac 12 by Stanford’s David Shaw, Washington’s Chris Petersen, and Washington State’s Mike Leach. 

Quarterback Justin Herbert returning for the Ducks in 2019 will help, but this team is definitely on the short end of the stick from a coaching standpoint. I will believe it when I see it when it comes to Oregon. They will be a trendy pick in the Pac 12 but will fall short. 

Minnesota isn’t a contender in the Big Ten West.

All I’m hearing is attaboys and backslaps for Jeff Brohm at Purdue despite the fact that he has only won 6 games in each of his first two seasons in West Lafayette. P.J. Fleck and Minnesota dump-trucked the Boilermakers last year 41-10. 

Wisconsin, Minnesota, Northwestern, and Nebraska are the teams with a legit chance to win the division. The media and people that don’t know what the hell they are talking about will make it sound like it’s between Wisconsin, Nebraska, and Iowa. Don’t buy Iowa for a second. The energy in that program has completely evaporated. 

Fleck and the Gophers continue to get disrespected mainly because of the fact that no coach has won big at Minnesota in over 50 years. That is all about to change in the next year or two. Look for Minnesota to compete with Nebraska for the West crown in 2019.